söndag 26 december 2010

Damp Crew (2005-2006).

Dealen var 45 minuters improvisation utan att på förhand veta vad vi skulle göra. Av kanske 10 föreställningar runt om i Västra Götalandsregionen blev hälften pankaka och resten smått fantastiska utan att vi riktigt förstod hur det gick till.
Många roliga idéer lektes fram här. För att kunna jobba stort utan för mycket bagage bestämde jag mig för overheadapparater. Sedan var det upp till mig att se hur långt jag kunde ta det. Vi turnerade runt på mindre konsthallar och kulturhus runt i västragötalandsregionen. Det var en omtumlande erfarenhet.
Saknar Lo.

"In the sky, look at the clouds or you are an angel - a wish, a quite accidental sound - as from a neighbour in another place"

"In the sky ..." is a co-operation between Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, dancer and artist, Ola Åstrand, artist, Isak Eldh, musician and artist, and Lo Caidahl, artist.  We want to build up a "live art performance" from dance, pictures, music and text, where these expressions take just as much space in confrontations and interplay. We also want to make room for a dialogue, to challenge artists of different genres and the audience to discuss current scenic issues.
Now-related thoughts, feelings and contemporary external circumstances as well as improvisation form the breeding ground and work as catalysts for the stories that are presented. Not only the above mentioned artists are given equal space for their various expressions, invited guests also participate on equal conditions. Among the previous guests we can mention Andre Kaliff, dancer and singer, Michael Schumacher, dancer and choreographer from The Netherlands, and Kennet Klemets, poet and translator.
Stage design, video, sound effects and movement language are weaved together, influence and let themselves be influenced by the participants. Dance, music as well as stage design change with stage room, audience and circumstances. We who participate want to bring with us a curiosity and a searching attitude to what is going on - an openness towards each other and our audience in the scenic representation. In the autumn of 2006, performances took place at the art galleries of Skövde, Vänersborg, Steneby and Bengtsfors, the cultural centre of Stenungsund and the town hall of Strömstad. Another performance is planned to
take place in Göteborg in 2007.

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  1. Skulle ha jobbat med tekniken men Lisa hörde aldrig av sig. Efter en del strulande från min sida ska medges.