söndag 17 september 2017

Gör-det-själv eller dö!

Apropå postpunk så ligger här en sida med bulemiskt mycket bra musik att ladda ner:

Och här ett klipp jag lyssnade på denna morgon:

Simon Reynolds:
"Punk in post-punk was absolutely crucial. Firstly, because of the initial burst of self-belief and will-to-power that punk gave people and that convinced them they really could create their own music. But also because of a darker edge, an impulse towards extremes. In fact, one of the things that drove post-punk was a feeling that punk, as music, wasn't extreme enough."

”If punk was a destructive response to boredom, you could say that post-punk was a constructive : it was literally about making up a whole bunch of reasons to be exited, a mesh of fevered activity and discussion that made the world seem more interesting and life seem more urgent”.

Vi hade tråkigt på den tiden. Lätt att glömma eller ens förstå idag. Reynolds säger "Boredom is a great motivator".

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